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News: California Recycler Dumps Electronics, Keeps Cash

Last week, a CBS affiliate out of San Francisco reported that Dow Management (a third party, who is supposed to safely process the most toxic part of electronic waste: the leaded CRT glass) has skipped town, trashed and left behind hundreds of pounds of e-waste (in Arizona) and kept half a million dollars in public funds.

Consumers who buy a new TV or computer pay an extra fee to dispose of old electronics. But the owner of a company that disposes of electronic waste has made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, and left behind quite a mess.

“Arizona has become a dumping ground. We have seen at least three warehouses chock full of this material and the owners have abandoned ship,” Jim Puckett, the founder of the Basel Action Network said.

 In the desert town of Yuma, glass from old TVs and monitors, called CRT or Cathode Ray Tube glass, have been abandoned in huge warehouses. “It’s got lead in the glass, it’s got toxic phosphors, this very thin powder all over this material, there is cadmium and lead compounds in that fine dust,” he said.

Currently, the state is now ordering eight California recyclers who sent their glass to Dow Management to clear out the warehouses in Yuma and truck it to a new processor, at their own expense.

“California’s e-waste recycling program pays California businesses to do the right thing, and if they don’t do the right thing, if they are caught, they will either not be paid or we will come after them and get our money back,” Jeff Hunts with CalRecycle said.

According to PC Survivors of Masschusetts CEO Lisa Bacewicz , “PCS is R2 Certified and has a closure plan  in place to ensure that this situation would never occur at our site.” So, there.

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09 2013

E-Waste by the numbers

Over at the Business Insider late last year, Greg Voakes wrote about the “Lesser-Known Facts About E-Waste Recycling“. Starting with mobile cell phones and moving on to computers and monitors, Voakes explained the gigantic volume of electronic waste that could be recycled.

 Yes, around 14,000,000 junked mobile phones (weighing over 65,000 tonnes) reach our nation’s landfills each year – releasing an astounding 80,000 lbs of highly toxic lead… did you know that mobile phones contain high amounts of poisonous elements and materials like chromium, mercury, and arsenic?

Most – around 85% – of computers end up in a landfill, he adds. Instead of trashing old electronics, Voakes urges readers to recycle.
Look around your home – you’re bound to have some old electronics (especially cell phones) that you no longer use. You might have put off donating or selling them off, but let’s face it – an old laptop, tablet or cell phone you haven’t used in a year is hardly likely to be of use! Recycle, and save the environment
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07 2013