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News: Apple celebrates 30 years of Macintosh

The Mac computer turned 30 last week. Apple’s version of a home computer hit the market on January 24, 1984. Since then Apple has grown into a giant, invented incredible new technology (iPod, iPhone, iPod) and changed the way people purchase music.  But, the Mac is where it all started for Apple.

In an article over at Personal Tech, Beth Pinsker interviewed a slurry of Mac enthusiasts about their first purchases and how much they’ve spent on Apple products to date. The numbers are pretty intense.

Laurie Duncan, owner of MacSamurai Consulting and founder of a fan site for owners of the short-lived Power Mac G4 Cube

First Mac: A used Mac Classic in 1991, from the classified section of a free paper, for US$1,200, plus US$1,100 to max out the memory. “It had considerably less memory than a phone has today,” Duncan says.

The big list: Duncan switched to a Mac Portable next. She then bought a series of PowerBooks, probably about a dozen over time.

Now Duncan upgrades constantly and says she has averaged about US$6,000 a year for the past decade. And yes, she knows that adds up to more than US$60,000. “I had 12 iPods at one point.”

Her obsession with the G4 Cube, which Apple quickly discontinued, turned into a business that offers consulting services, custom cases, components and repairs. “It’s a great machine,” she says. “Was it Apple’s best mistake? Worst mistake? I don’t know.”

Total: At least US$75,000

Over to the fine folks of iPhone Canada who found a collection of advertisements and key note speeches given by Steve Jobs at the time of the initial Mac launch.  The group responsible for the collection is EverySteveJobsVideo, a YouTube channel that aims to be a digital archive for the former Apple co-founder. On Friday they released a special YouTube list that is strongly related to this groundbreaking event that took place on January 24, 1984.

If you’re looking for even more Mac. Well, let me point you to Steven Levy at Wired, who sums the anniversary and Jobs success up nicely. In 1984, Levy interviewed Jobs for Rolling Stone. In the following excerpt, he talks about meeting with jobs just prior to the launch of the ad campaign.

I have to admit my first moments with Jobs were not auspicious. He complained again that the story would not be on the cover. Then he proceeded to use scatological terms to describe a recent Rolling Stone story about MTV. I interrupted the rant by informing him that I had written that story. Jobs simply changed the subject.

At dinner, though, he was loquacious, candid, and of course wildly enthusiastic about the launch. He portrayed Apple as a pirate aggregation that was civilization’s last hope against an evil dominant force — just like in the commercial. (He spoke about the 1984 ad with some wistfulness, since at that time the Apple board had decided not to run it on television. Of course, it reversed that decision).

He was also wildly dramatic about what he might do if the world didn’t understand the excellence of his creation — perhaps go to Italy and ride motorcycles, he said. He also talked about the future of Apple, sharing its dream that it would grow to be worth $10 billion. But, he said, he hoped it would be a $10 billion company that did not lose its soul.

That brings us to the end. 30 years of Mac computers also means 30 years of junked hardware. Over at MacWorld, they have a rundown of how to recycle your computer, which i’ll sum up for you here. 1. Don’t Throw it Out 2. Erase your Hard Drive 3. Donate It.

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