E-Waste by the numbers

Over at the Business Insider late last year, Greg Voakes wrote about the “Lesser-Known Facts About E-Waste Recycling“. Starting with mobile cell phones and moving on to computers and monitors, Voakes explained the gigantic volume of electronic waste that could be recycled.

 Yes, around 14,000,000 junked mobile phones (weighing over 65,000 tonnes) reach our nation’s landfills each year – releasing an astounding 80,000 lbs of highly toxic lead… did you know that mobile phones contain high amounts of poisonous elements and materials like chromium, mercury, and arsenic?

Most – around 85% – of computers end up in a landfill, he adds. Instead of trashing old electronics, Voakes urges readers to recycle.
Look around your home – you’re bound to have some old electronics (especially cell phones) that you no longer use. You might have put off donating or selling them off, but let’s face it – an old laptop, tablet or cell phone you haven’t used in a year is hardly likely to be of use! Recycle, and save the environment
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