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Responsible data destruction done right

PCS of Massachusetts CEO Lisa DiPaolo Bacewicz and her husband Charles.Courtesy Photo / Wicked Local / Chris Bernstein

PCS of Massachusetts CEO Lisa DiPaolo Bacewicz and her husband Charles.
Courtesy Photo / Wicked Local / Chris Bernstein

PC Survivors CEO Lisa DiPaolo Bacewicz was interviewed last week by reporter Mary Jane Hanron, in which she spoke about starting the business with her husband Charles, the burgeoning market for data destruction and electronics recycling and working with major clients like schools and hospitals in Massachusetts.

The electronic recycling and data destruction field is reasonably new and continuingly evolving as more businesses are using electronic record keeping and upgrading hardware, Bacewicz said in the article.

“Today there is so much to know,” she said. “We review the inner workings of each piece of equipment breaking it down to materials that can be sorted and resold. Data must be removed from hardware and managed with the utmost care. These days it is nearly impossible to believe if you do not use professionals whether confidential information will wind up in the hands of a criminal.”

Bacewicz also discussed how their small business has grown to work with 17 major hospitals and health settings throughout New England.

Their clientele also includes the Town of Marshfield and Marshfield Public Schools, both of which use the service as part of the town’s commitment to responsible recycling and waste disposal.

Bacewicz explained profits are generated as raw or deconstructed materials are sorted and sold to vendors. The process is manually intensive and time consuming, yet lucrative.

Using the example of a college student requesting the secure destruction of a collage laptop, Bacewicz mentioned the growing demand for her services and the importance her work holds. As items are deconstructed she explained the company is left with batteries, plastics, wire, mercury, other chemicals and toxic wastes and materials that would never be reused if placed in a dumpster. Her business sells the scraps of material to buyers who in turn recycle the pieces recreating new merchandise from the once useless remnants.

For the entire article, head over to the Marshfield Mariner website.



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National Guard honors electronic recycler PC Survivors

National Guard honors PCS company

PCS of Massachusetts CEO Lisa DiPaolo Bacewicz admist the current stream of electronics in the process of being recycled at her 7500 Sq. ft. facility in Weymouth.

PC Survivors of Weymouth was recently given the Patriot Award, which is given to businesses by the Department of Defense Guard and Reserve to recognize extraordinary support of an employee who serves in the National Guard. The orginal article appeared in the Marshfield Mariner last week.

The Weymouth-based business, PC Survivors of MA, LCC, owned by Marshfield residents Lisa and Charles Bacewicz, employs about a dozen young professionals. One of them is Etzer Aunaxe of Brockton, a member of the National Guard who serves monthly and at times during the year for stretches of several weeks.

Aunaxe takes both his National Guard and private employment responsibilities seriously, Lisa said. When he was hired, Lisa said he was open with his potential supervisors about the occasional constraints of his commitment to national service.

“We never gave it a second thought,” said Lisa. “We believed allowing him to go was the right thing to do and a way we could, in a small way, support the causes of the nation. We also knew that by hiring an experienced guardsman, we got so much more in expertise, skill, loyalty, dedication and trustworthiness.”


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