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U.S. EPA Challenge Stimulates E-Waste Recycling Industry

The US Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) Sustainable Materials Management ( SMM ) Electronics Challenge launch is underway. The goal of the initiative is establishing electronics reyccling and refurbishing as an industry standard and drastically reducing toxic landfill waste. PCS of Mass is proud to support this initiative and continues to educate its clients about reducing the impact of e-waste on the environment.

Already the US generates almost 2.5 million tons of electronic waste a year and that number continues to grow. Used electronics have harmful chemicals in them that can be recovered and recycled, reducing environmental impact and reducing economic costs for new products.

There are a huge supply of used electronic devices that can be refurbished, recycled and remarketed. Therefore the Recycling Industry is adopting standards such as Responsible Recycling (R2). PCS of Mass is approaching the Stage 2 Date of our R2 Certification. R2 is becoming a recognized and accepted electonic recycling industry standard. It focuses on the Electronic Recycling industry-specific issues of data security, environmental accountability, worker and public health and material accountability through final disposition.

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11 2012

PCS of Mass has been recommended to proceed to Stage 2 of R2 Certification

PCS of Mass is pleased to announce it has been recommended to proceed to Stage 2 of R2 Certification.

The R2 Stage 2 Audit is scheduled for December 20th and 21st 2012. R2 is the leading standard for the Electronics Recycling Industry setting a high bar for practices that protect the environment, human health, safety and security.

Being R2 Certified means peace of mind in knowing that your company’s IT assets are being managed by an electronics recycler that has demonstrated they have a system in place to properly handle materials according to the R2 Standard.

From corporations with a diverse waste stream, municipalities trying to cope with Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction, manufacturers looking to recoup product costs through its precious metal value, PCS of Massachusetts has innovative solutions to meet your needs.

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11 2012